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Current Lotus CEO Jean Marc Gales has revealed in a statement recently that Kia Europe’s former European markets expert, Jean-Charles Lievens, has been appointed to develop the automaker’s sales network in France, Italy, Spain and Portugal.

Lievens, who was with Kia from 2002 to 2008, will now be tasked with a mission to “strengthen the network with qualified and professional partners in order to optimise and increase the presence of the Lotus brand in the southern European region,” Lotus said in a statement.

In 2005, Lievens was named an Automotive News Europe Eurostar for his efforts in restructuring Kia’s dealer network, which resulted in an increase in the automaker’s sales in Europe from 90,000 units a year to 275,000 units.

Jean-Marc Gales_CEO of Group Lotus plc and Aslam Farikullah 01_05_14_20p (3)
Jean Marc Gales(left) and Aslam Farikullah(right).

Apart from his tenure with Kia, Lievens was with General Motors for 17 years before leaving to join Volkswagen in France. He also held the position of Toyota Europe’s commercial director in 1998. Between his time at Kia and now, Lievens has continued to provide advisory services on projects via Cap Geyser, his consulting firm.

The company added that worldwide sales of Lotus cars went up by 65% to 226 units in July, compared to the same month in 2013, with the rise in sales a result of increasing demand for Lotus cars in the UK and Germany. It’s also the automaker’s best sales month since March 2011.