Ford has unveiled its latest in-car infotainment and it’s simply called SYNC 3. We’ve only had the non-touch screen SYNC in our Malaysian spec cars so far, but touchscreen versions available in other countries were previously known as Ford SYNC with MyFord Touch or simply MyFord Touch.

Other than the simplified name, the new system also completely revamps its underlying architecture, with the previous Microsoft system giving way to QNX, an operating system which also powers infotainment systems like BMW iDrive and even the latest BlackBerry phones.

SYNC 3 is designed to be platform agnostic, which means it should work well with all major smartphone platforms. It also supports Siri Eyes Free for iPhones. You interact with it via the 8 inch touchscreen display, but there are also voice commands.

Ford intends to roll out SYNC 3 for American model year 2016 cars – that probably means sometime in the second half of 2015. Watch the video above to see SYNC 3 in action.