Tesla Model S-14

The Malaysian Automotive Institute (MAI) has revealed at its 2014/15 review that development of numerous electric mobility solutions are underway – as part of its on-going initiative to further augment the local automotive industry – with some expected to bear fruits by the end of 2017.

Further development of lithium-ion battery technology, along with an e-bus and EV project are said to be the highlights of MAI’s undertaking, as stated by CEO, Mohamad Madani Sahari. The on-going e-bus project is expected to produce its first prototype by the end of 2015 with production slated for sometime in 2016.

MAI_14_15_review_ 012

As for its EV programme, Madani states that it is not connected to Proton’s own on-going EV development project – itself scheduled to roll out a prototype by 2017. Instead, it is said to be undertaken by a local, private firm with a prototype slated to appear as early as the “first quarter of 2016,” added Madani.

While details of the vehicle are scarce, Madani mentions that the production vehicle “will cost lower than RM100k” as well as boast an “operational range of up to 300 km” on a full charge. In relation, Madani has also stated that talks are on-going with Tesla Motors on a potential collaboration that might see its battery supercharging technology become available, in some form or another, in the future.