D-segment wagons are generally quite sexy. Perhaps this is because the longer body length of a D-segment car usually allows the roofline design to flow very well. Best part is there are quite a few D-segment wagons on sale in Malaysia.

If you want a Japanese D-segment wagon you’ll have to choose between the Mazda 6 or the significantly pricier Subaru Legacy.

But what if Nissan offered the Teana with a wagon body as well? Theophilus Chin imagines how such a model could look like, with design cues borrowed from the new Nissan Murano.

What do you think – could you be tempted to get one over a sedan if it existed? It’s not likely to happen though – the markets where the Teana is available in isn’t quite as mad about wagons as the European market, and NIssan’s European presence is more about hatchbacks and crossovers.