Toyota Europe has released a few promotional videos of its new Toyota Safety Sense suite (includes Pre-collision System, Lane Departure Alert, Automatic High Beam and Road Sign Assist) that feature a peculiar looking car model. It looks to be a current Corolla wearing the front end of the latest Auris.

Could this preview the oft-rumoured 2016 Toyota Corolla Hybrid or even the upcoming facelift model? While the rear of the car in question matches that of the Malaysian-market Corolla Altis, the front is all new – taken straight off the recently-unveiled Auris facelift.

Reports suggesting that Toyota is working on a hybrid version of the Corolla are not new, and this car’s hybrid meter panel pretty much gives the game away. Such a model could either have the Prius’ 1.8 litre Hybrid Synergy Drive (HSD) power unit like on the Auris Hybrid, or the Prius c’s 1.5 litre HSD combo as seen on the JDM Corolla Axio Hybrid.

Time will tell whether the final version will look like this or not, but at the very least, this gives us an idea of how a Corolla Altis would look with an Auris-inspired face. What do you think, does it look better or worse?