RON 97 petrol

In response to a video currently circulating on various social media platforms, Shell Malaysia has issued a statement stating that the amount of red dye injected into RON 97 fuel does not affect the quality of its products. A spokesperson from Shell told The Star that the natural colour of petrol and diesel is light yellow.

“As mandated by authorities, fuel dyes are added for visual identification of different grades and types of fuel,” it was stated. “RON 97 is mandated as red in Malaysia and RON 95 is yellow. The fuel dyes do not have any impact on fuel quality and engine performance.”

The difference in colour shades are attributed to the different amount of dye used, which ranges from five to 18 ppm (parts per million). Furthermore, the methods employed to apply the dye – be it either automatic or bulk mixing – will result in a discrepancy in the colour intensity.

As for the difference in colour of RON 97 in the video, the spokesperson added that the fuel could have arrived from different terminals. There is, as stated, no difference in the fuel quality whatsoever.

Datuk Zulkifli Mokti, deputy president of the Petrol Dealers Association of Malaysia, advised consumers to send a petrol sample to the relevant facilities should they detect something amiss regarding the quality. “Take a sample of it and send it for chemical check and make a report to Sirim, then they will look at it.”