Remember the Hyundai Santa Cruz concept from the 2015 Detroit Auto Show? Upon its debut, Hyundai stated that there were no concrete plans to put the chunky-looking crossover/pick-up hybrid into production. Now, it would appear as though things are swaying towards the production side of things as the Korean automaker has expressed its interest in producing a pick-up truck.

According to Hyundai R&D director, Park Byung-cheol, the Hyundai Santa Cruz concept received “good response” at the Detroit show. With that said, he told Reuters that there were several “hurdles” to overcome till we can finally see a pick-up truck from Hyundai – Byung-cheol refused to elaborate further.


The Hyundai Santa Cruz concept was developed as an exercise to gauge interest amongst what Hyundai deems as the most important market audience, the millennials. The crossover/pick-up boasts futuristic styling cues courtesy of its fluorescent green-yellow highlights on a silver body and massive 22-inch wheels.

Under the bonnet, a (seemingly production-ready) 2.0 litre turbocharged diesel engine is employed. The mill pumps out a total of 190 hp and 406 Nm of torque – power gets transferred to all four corners via a HTRAC all-wheel drive system. In this state of tune, fuel consumption figures are quoted at 12.8 km/litre.