About a week ago, Mercedes-Benz introduced an app for the much-hyped Apple Watch, joining the ranks of BMW and Volkswagen. Called the MB Companion App, it provides door-to-door navigation right to the destination of your choosing, and Stuttgart has helpfully demonstrated how this feature works through the video shown above.

Wherever you are, just open the app on the smartwatch, tap the screen and tell the watch where you want to go (“pizza,” in the example of the video); the app will then suggest destinations. Select one, and you’ll be directed to your car.

Once you get into your vehicle and start it, the COMAND Online navigation system will automatically retrieve the destination from the Apple Watch and point you to the nearest possible spot. Park and exit the vehicle, and the watch will pick up navigational duties again, guiding you directly to your final destination.

The MB Companion App for the Apple Watch will be compatible with COMAND Online-equipped C- and S-Class models starting this autumn; the list will expand to include other models soon. The incorporation of vehicle information such as fuel level, range, maintenance codes and odometer readings into the app are also planned for the near future.