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It would appear that the whole world has been recalled for defective Takata airbags. The latest round of updates surrounding one of the most prominent manufacturing error in automotive history sees a total of three separate recall campaigns issued by Mazda Australia. An additional 79,919 Mazda vehicles are involved this time round.

The first recall involves cars sold between August 22 2002 and November 19 2007. Models affected include the Mazda 6 (GG/GY) sedan and wagon, RX-8, E-Series (Bongo) van, T-Series Cab Chassis, B2500 and B2600 in both cab/ute configurations. Said models are only affected by defective driver’s airbag(s).

Following on, the second recall involves both the driver and front passenger airbags. Only Mazda 6 models sold between July 29 2005 and November 19 2007 are affected. The third recall involves Mazda 6 models sold between April 28 2006 and March 30 2009 with only the front passenger airbag said to be the cause.

Earlier this month, Mazda announced a global recall of its cars, totalling in 2.02 million vehicles, for the same Takata-related issue. Other manufacturers including Subaru, BMW, Chrysler, Ford, Mitsubishi, Honda, Toyota and Nissan have also issued corresponding recall campaigns as a result.

Back in May 2015, the Japanese parts manufacturer admitted that a sizeable chunk of its airbag inflators had ruptured during testing. Said inflators were reported to be made with propellant tablets that were known to degrade over time, a process allegedly sped up by exposure to moisture. Upon deployment, excess pressure caused by the propellant causes the inflator to rupture, potentially spraying metal shrapnel into the cabin.