In Johor Bahru, a housewife is claiming to have received traffic summonses for offences she did not commit as well as being barred entry into Singapore, due to two cloned cars of the same model and with the same registration numbers, according to The Star.

The victim, 43-year-old Lim Poh Poh, said she bought a green Mitsubishi Grandis in 2005, and did not receive any summonses for the first eight years of ownership. That changed two years ago when she began to receive summonses for offences she purportedly committed.

“I was surprised to receive my first ticket for speeding along the PLUS North-South Expressway on October 28, 2013,” she said. “I received two additional traffic summonses, also for speeding along the Kesas Highway and the PLUS Expressway on November 15, 2013, and May 7 last year.”


Lim added that she first found out that her car had been cloned when she informed the police and the Road Transport Department (JPJ) upon receiving the summonses that she was not the driver in those instances. “The authorities showed me the pictures of the car and I was surprised to see the two cars of the same model with the same number plates,” she said.

In addition, she was denied entry into Singapore on December 9 – the island nation’s immigration department claimed another person used her registration details to enter the state. Lim has since reported the incident to the police.

Chairman of Johor MCA’s bureau of coordinating government affairs Michael Tay Chee Boon said that he hoped the authorities would conduct an investigation into a matter that has caused so much trouble. “What happened to the victim could also happen to others and I hope that the public will be careful to avoid such problems,” he said, adding that the two cloned car owners should come forward to put the issue to rest.