Cop shop

The police say it will be utilising its traffic enforcement cameras in a wider role nationwide this festive season – the cameras will not just be used to catch speeders but queue jumpers and illegal emergency lane users as well. This approach will be adopted the case throughout Ops Selamat, which began on July 10 to coincide with the Hari Raya Aidilfitri festive season.

Federal traffic police chief SAC Datuk Mohd Fuad Abdul Latiff said police will be deployed at accident hotspots along the highways as well as certain stretches of the highways to monitor the balik kampung exodus, news reports indicate.

He said that police had identified 60 hotspots throughout Malaysia, other than another 53 along major highways such as the North South Expressway and the East Coast Highway.

On the first three days of Ops Selamat, 34,554 summonses were issued. “On Sunday, we issued 14,438 summonses to errant motorists, which is about 2,000 higher compared to the daily average of about 12,000,” he said, stating that 4,184 accidents were recorded between Friday and Sunday, which resulted in 74 fatalities, 48 of which involved motorcycles.

He added that with Ops Selamat currently underway, Ops Warta will be toned down to allow personnel to focus on emergencies, observation and patrols, but that doesn’t mean that the police have forgotten about it. “As soon as Ops Selamat ends, we will continue to weed out hardcore traffic offenders with multiple arrest warrants,” he said.