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Ford has brought its Future of Safety with Ford tour to Malaysia – the objective of the two-day showcase is to promote greater safety awareness, with tips for drivers and a showcase of the Blue Oval’s safety and driver assistance technologies that can aid drivers in challenging traffic conditions.

The display, which runs today and tomorrow (August 6-7) from 10 am to 8 pm, is being held at the new wing of 1 Utama Shopping Centre in Petaling Jaya. It’s open to the public, and admission is free. The 40-minute tour, which commences every half-hour, comprises a series of exhibits and interactive displays highlighting Ford’s innovative safety technologies.

The Safety Tour features Ford experts sharing advice on a range of vehicle and driver safety topics, with child safety a particular focus. Parents can learn all about the importance of fitting a child seat in their vehicles – tips in the presentation include choosing the right child seat, purchasing new rather than used and ensuring that all belts and adjustments are as tight as possible to minimise movement in the case of an accident.

For expecting parents, safe driving tips during pregnancy are also being shared, such as the importance of wearing the seatbelt correctly by positioning it below the abdomen, across the hips.

Visitors will be able to try on specially-designed suits used by Ford engineers in vehicle development to address the needs of drivers better – items include the Empathy Belly, which helps to simulate the restricted movement that can be experienced during pregnancy as well as the Third Age Suit, with weights, braces, glasses and ear muffs being utilised to simulate the effects age can have on the senses.

Also on show is the drunk driving suit, which replicates some of the physical challenges experienced by a person under the influence of alcohol, and a working display of the company’s rear inflatable seatbelt (which can be seen in the Malaysian-spec CD391 Mondeo), both of which were display items at the Innovations for Millions showcase in Melbourne last year.

Participants will also learn about advanced features and technologies available on Ford vehicles (such as Active City Stop and the versatile MyKey tech) via interactive simulations and multimedia presentations.

At the tour, all participants will also be invited to make their own personal safe driving pledge, and they will also be able to sign up for one of Ford’s half-day Driving Skills For Life (DSFL) workshops to be held this year. The programme includes both classroom and hands-on driving sessions, and is aimed at educating drivers on practical skills for driving safely.