Check this out – Japanese company Cocoa Motors have come out with the world’s smallest (and lightest) vehicle. It’s just about the size of a tablet and weighing just 3 kg, this is has got to be the lightest and smallest electric vehicle to date and it’s called the WalkCar, rivalling Toyota’s Winglet and the Segway.

Crowdfunding allowed Cocoa Motors, led by 26-year old Japanese engineer Kuniako Saito and his team to build this ultra-portable transportation. It’s made of aluminium and it gets its power from lithium ion batteries that can be fully charged in just three hours. It has a top-speed of 10 km/h and can run a stretch of 12 km before it runs of juice.

To steer the little gadget, one only has to lean forward to go in a straight line and to move left or right, one only needs to veer in the direction that they wish to go with their body weight.

The small wheels enable the WalkCar to handle well it would seem however, guesses are that it can only handle smooth pathways and no other terrain for that matter, regardless, it still looks plenty cool.

Another interesting thing to note is that the WalkCar seems very able when travelling uphill, pretty well in fact, even with a load in front, this points to some pretty powerful motors within the encasings that sends power to the wheels.

Pre-orders for the WalkCar is expected to open by October 2015 while shipments will only take place by 2016, as for the asking price? It’s expected to cost ¥100,000 (RM3,158) – take our money Cocoa Motors!