More on the gateless gantry toll system – according to works minister, Datuk Seri Fadillah Yusof, the implementation of a multi-lane free flow (MLFF) toll system via Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is “on the right track for the 2018 target” and to a certain extent, the pilot phase mooted for 2017.

theSun also reports that Fadillah is confident that the complicated undertakings related to the RFID system “would be solved in the next 24 months.” He added that “it [the MLFF and RFID system] is a matter of coordination, for example on how we can link the system between highway operators, Road Transport Department (JPJ) and police.”

He then went on to stress on the importance of employing a uniformed method for toll payment via the RFID system. “By using the RFID tag, it must be linked with JPJ road tax system. It is important that it can read each other in terms of system development throughout the country,” he said.

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When queried on whether or not the necessary law amendments pertaining to the implementation of the MLFF concept be tabled solely by the Works Ministry, Fadillah replied that the complete opposite is true. “Not just one ministry. It has to be by several other respective ministries and agencies,” he said.

Faddillah stated that a “certain agreement” between the government agencies revolving around said amendments, system integration and implementation must be obtained in order to ensure the success of the RFID system and, to a greater extent, the MLFF concept, including at border entry points.

Separately, theSun has also reported that, on May 27, the Association of Highway Concessionaires Malaysia (PSKLM) has voiced out the need for the government to amend the related laws before the commencement of removal of boom gates at toll plazas around the nation.