Video rakaman CCTV Kemalangan teruk di Jalan Kuching bersebelahan Sogo. Tiada kejadian jambatan runtuh. Sebarkan..Lagi Video Like — Friends Of PDRM

Posted by Friends Of PDRM on Wednesday, September 2, 2015

The management of Rapid Rail is quite disappointed with a handful of social media users who resorted to spreading false rumours about a collapsed LRT bridge that apparently fell on the road near the Sogo shopping mall on Thursday morning. According to the Rapid Rail spokesperson, Lim Jin Aun, a road accident involving three cars had no connection whatsoever to the operational scenario of the LRT system.

These irresponsible acts by a handful of social media users had caused a panicky situation for LRT users, as the news spread through Facebook and Twitter. At the same time, Lim hopes that social media users will adopt a more responsible attitude and not spread false news and rumours.

As you can see in the video above, the massive traffic jam along Jalan Kuching was caused by a road accident, and not a collapsed bridge as widely reported.

*Video and photos via Friends of PDRM Facebook page.