Shell Helix Ultra ECT C2-C3 0W-30 3

Shell Malaysia has unveiled its latest flagship engine oil, Shell Helix Ultra ECT C2/C3 0W-30, at the Bangsar Shopping Centre (BSC) earlier today. The new multi-fuel lubricant, formulated with PurePlus gas-to-liquids technology, is designed to work with the latest low-emissions engines. It retails at RM338 for a four-litre pack.

In case you were wondering, ECT stands for Emissions Compatible Technology, which is designed to protect the emissions control systems – such as particulate filters – fitted on most modern petrol and diesel engines. It is also capable of being used in gas, biodiesel and ethanol-blend engines, and is backwards-compatible with many OEM and industry specifications.

Among the major stats of the new engine oil in industry standard testing include four times improved wear protection, three times better corrosion protection of engine components, 45% cleaner pistons and up to 2.6% better fuel economy, or an increase as much as 16 km per tank.

The company claims the Helix Ultra ECT C2/C3 0W-30 is the highest-specification engine oil on the market, and meets European ACEA C2 and C3 and North American API SN specifications, as well as major carmaker approvals including from Mercedes-Benz (MB229.52,MB229.51 and MB229.31), Volkswagen (VW504.00/507.00) and Fiat (955535.GS1).

“Shell Helix Ultra ECT C2/C3 0W-30 is our most advanced formulation to date,” said Shell Lubricants general manager for Malaysia and Singapore, Leslie Ng. “It is designed to deliver superior performance and protection, to help keep your engine performing at its best.”