The Blue Oval is really going all out for SEMA, giving tuners a free-hand to showcase their work. With eight custom Ford Mustangs to be exhibited at the show, Ford has announced that four Focus ST and two Fiesta ST models will also be heading to SEMA in various states of tune, kits and colours.

Tuners CJ Pony Parts will be bringing to the American public its Focus ST in an Ultra Orange Pearl paint by GCR Auto. This one features a COBB tuning kit with an ATP turbo package. The ride will be smoothen with an AirLift suspension, tricked-out with Fifteen52 Tremac R43 19-inch wheels.

Rally Innovations will dress their Focus ST in a rally outfit. Centred around their theme “The Future of Rally,” the car gets a Gundam-style bodykit slapped on and lined with red accents and custom lighting. It will sit on Rays 57 Xtreme 19-inch matte graphite wheels and RS-R Sports-i coilover suspension.

The rally-themed Focus ST will receive various boost upgrades. This includes a COBB tuning Accessport V3 ECU, a Greddy Airinx intake system, Greddy Supreme SP exhaust system and a Greddy 24LS aluminium intercooler and piping kit. Inside, the rear seats will be removed, replaced with a custom roll cage. Up front will be Cusco/Bride Eurostar II+C adjustable seats with four-point harnesses.

COBB Tuning will also show a Focus ST, oddly aimed at cyclists. Outside, it is to come in a clean look with Triple R Composites front and side skirt splitters, sitting on Rotiform forged DUS 18-inch wheels. Up top, a Thule ThruRide bike rack and a Focus Cayo bike is to be perched onto it. Boost kit includes an Accessport V3 ECU, turbo-back exhaust system with Sound Symposer Delete and a turbo.

In addition to that, the drivetrain will also be modified to COBB tuning specs. This consists of a rear motor mount and adjustable shift plate for shorter shifts. The ride will be enhanced with Accuair TWR air suspension and e-Level air management system. Also in will be StopTech ST-40 front brake kit with Stoptech rear rotors and lines.

FSWERKS, meanwhile, will be keeping their Focus ST clean, save for Triple R Composites front splitter and side skirts along with Rotiform monoblock LVS 19-inch wheels. Boost works are to include COBB Tuning/FSWERKS custom ECU programme and its own mod package. Handling bits include H&R Special Springs street coilovers, FSWERKS lower front stress bar, COBB Tuning anti-sway bar and StopTech brake kit and FSWERKS stainless steel brake lines.

Moving on to the Fiesta ST, Cinemotive Media will fit the hot hatch with a bicycle rack on top. Exterior-wise, it will receive a green metallic paint, decked with a Fifteen52 bodykit and Ignited HIDs. Performance upgrades will come from COBB Tuning, which includes a Stage 3 power package and a Smart blow-off valve.

DSPORT will up the 1.6 litre EcoBoost mill in the Fiesta ST to 400 hp. Thanks to Full-Race Motorsports and Mishimoto mod kits, it will also feature a BorgWarner EFR 6258 turbo and other aftermarket mechanical bits such as CP-Carrillo CP pistons and Carrillo Pro-H straight beam rods. It’s slated to compete in the Pirelli World Challenge, Touring Car (TC) class. where it will be limited to ‘just’ 300 hp.

Ford Focus ST

Ford Fiesta ST