toll booth

The company that will manage toll collections and maintain the East Coast Expressway 2 (LPT2) will be determined by the end of this year. The concession agreement (CA) will also be signed at the same time, Bernama reports.

Deputy Works Minister Datuk Rosnah Rashid Shirlin pointed this out at the Dewan Rakyat. At the moment, the government is still finalising the concession agreement with the appointed concession company, after a request for a proposal to manage the highway was issued by the government, she explained.

She was replying to a question on when the LPT2 was expected to be fully operational, and the share of distribution among the concessionaire and Terengganu state government. “Issues regarding the toll rates and division of equity, which involve the interest of the state government, have not yet been finalised,” she said.


The LPT2 has been gaining notoriety for road mishaps as of late. Among the major factors reported are water retention and soil erosion issues. Since it opened in 2011, a total of 85 fatalities and 1,991 accidents have been recorded. The Malaysian Highway Authority (LLM) attributed 70% of accidents due to human error (238 cases), while 30% was due to faulty roads.

Apparently, the number has now risen according to Shirlin. She said that following analysis carried out from February to September, 517 cases or 78% of accidents were due to human negligence, while 90 cases or 13% was due to the environment and the remaining 9%, due to vehicle failure.

“Due to the frequency of accidents, the LLM has taken proactive measures, especially at the site of frequent accidents with improved security features along LPT2,” she said. Warning signs, reflective stickers, improvement of road surfaces and monitoring of the speed limit by the police, were some of these measures, Shirlin noted. Similarly, the Terengganu government was also taking measures to curb accidents on the expressway as well.