This is the Trumpchi i-Lounge Concept, which has made its debut at the ongoing Guangzhou Auto Show. If you’ve never heard of the name “Trumpchi” before, the Chinese-based marque is a part of the GAC Group, and features a line-up of vehicles ranging from four-door sedans to SUVs as well.

With the i-Lounge concept, Trumpchi now appears to be interested in adding an MPV to its vehicle range. This concept actually serves as a preview for a future Trumpchi GM5 MPV in the future, although it is uncertain if its attention-grabbing design will be retained in its final production guise.

Speaking of the design, well, just look at it. The relatively bulbous front end features a massive four-bar grille that occupies nearly the entire front fascia. Each chromed element originates from the four-piece LED headlights, and is progressively positioned lower as well.

At the edges of the bumper, there are gapping spaces that serve as air intakes as well (if it didn’t need more of that already). Below that, a silver-painted lower lip can be seen just above a blacked-out lower section of the bumper.

The concept also features a two-tone paintjob, with the A- and D-pillars receiving a silver finish leading up to the roof. Elsewhere, the side sills and lower lip of rear bumper also gets their own silver components as well.

At the rear, the large wraparound taillights with chrome surrounds appear to be of the LED variety, and are connected by a red LED strip. Large vents are also seen near the rear fenders, mirroring the same design cue at the MPV’s front.

Inside, the i-Lounge gets a healthy serving of white leather and wood on the seats, panels and dashboard. Here, four captain seats are fitted and if you look closely, you can spot a centre deck in the second row, complete with a tea set! However, expect a more conventional seven-seater setup in the future.

According to Car News China, the i-Lounge Concept will retain its basic shape when it enters its production-ready form although certain revisions will be made to its design. The MPV is said to compete against the Buick GL8, Honda Elysion, and the Toyota Alphard in the Chinese market. A 2.0 litre turbocharged engine with 200 hp is expected to power the Trumpchi GM5 MPV.

Quite an interesting looking thing, don’t you think?