bmw i3-83

It appears that BMW is on the brink of confirming a body style for its next i model, said to be known as the BMW i5. The new car would be BMW i’s third model in the range, following its full-electric i3 hatch and i8 sports car.

According to a report by Autocar, the BMW sub-brand has narrowed down its options to either a stretched i3 that would resemble an MPV, or a proper sedan-like vehicle that would compete against the coming Tesla Model 3. Ian Robertson, board member for sales and marketing at BMW, told the British motoring website that, “we are in the final stages of deciding what the next car will be and when you will see it.”

Currently, rumours suggest that a concept for the model said to be known as the i5 will be unveiled next year, coinciding with the German car maker’s 100th anniversary. On that note, Robertson also told Autocar that, “we will look back 100 years at that point, but mainly into the future.”


To date, no confirmation has been made as to whether the i5 will become a full-electric vehicle like the i3 or a plug-in hybrid like the i8. Some reports also suggest that BMW may be considering hydrogen power as an option, with the car maker knowingly involved with Toyota and its fuel-cell technology.

Previously, we reported on the possibility of the BMW i5 making its debut only in 2019, with a conventional three-box sedan layout as opposed to futuristic silhouettes adopted by its i3 and i8 siblings. Both full-electric and PHEV versions of the BMW i5 is also said to be a possibility.