It’s against the law to refuse to give way to VIP convoys with a police escort, according to Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar.

The Star reports that road users who defy police instructions – particularly in refusing to give way to VIP convoys when asked – can be penalised under three laws. Khalid explained that such behaviour can be considered as obstructing a civil servant from carrying out his duties and is an offence under the Police Act, Road Traffic Act and the Penal Code.

“There have been discussions encouraging the public to defy police, particularly on the road while escorting VIPs. VIPs are escorted mainly for safety reasons,” Khalid said. He was responding to a news report last week that had questioned whether it was required for the public to give way to a VIP convoy.

The subject came about following a December 15 posting by a motorist on social media, in which the road user claimed that while driving on the road, several police outriders on motorcycles were ordering motorists to give way to a car which was ferrying a VVIP.

The road user, however, refused to give way, a move that was matched by the car ahead of him. He applauded the move as Malaysians fighting for their rights, and continued on by stating that he wasn’t angry with police officers who were just performing their duties. Instead, he had asked for ministers to “practice what they preach”, as in to leave earlier to avoid traffic congestion.

Khalid said such reports would only encourage lawlessness by telling people not to obey police instructions. “I request this stops because it won’t bring any good to the society or country – instigating people into lawlessness,” he said.