mimos icv 04

Something along different lines – MIMOS, the national R&D centre in information and communications technology under the purview of the Malaysian Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI), has revealed renderings of a concept vehicle, which it says is set to be entered as a submission to the Red Dot Design Award this year.

The industrial design department at MIMOS says that the design – of a two-door crossover-style hatch – will be further developed before it is submitted to Red Dot. The innovation concept vehicle was developed during a four-day training course held by MIMOS.

The training course was for automotive designers, centered around 3D design development, and was organised by Adestech, the supplier of Autodesk AliasStudio. The automotive field isn’t the only thing MIMOS ID does, of course – it offers industrial design training related to any industrial design fields, from conceptual sketches to production.

What do you think of the MIMOS ID concept vehicle? Fancy it bagging a prize at this year’s Red Dot Award?