Polestar has introduced a new range of performance upgrades for Volvo vehicles. These Polestar Performance Parts are especially developed for the Volvo XC60, S60, V60 and V40, and are expected to expand to other Volvo models in the future.

The new Performance Parts available include suspension upgrades, larger wheels, intake and exhaust improvements, as well as exterior and interior parts. Polestar adds that its new upgrades have been directly influenced by the brand’s extensive motorsport experience and involvement with its partner, Cyan Racing.

”We have received strong feedback over a long period of time from customers all over the world regarding Polestar Performance Parts. We are delighted to be able to meet the demand, starting from today. This is a product improving on the already strong base of Volvo cars in terms of performance, handling and driving pleasure,” said Niels Möller, chief operating officer of Polestar.

These parts may be bought as a whole package or individually, but Polestar says that for the most “compelling driving experience,” you may want to factor in a Polestar Performance Optimisation kit as well. Best of all, being that these parts have been developed with Volvo, adding them on will have no impact on your existing Volvo factory warranty. As previously reported, the Polestar Performance Parts are also expected in Malaysia this year.