Good time to be in the hunt for a new car? After Honda’s March promo (up to RM8k savings, all models included), Volkswagen’s massive ‘Drop Everything’ clearance sale (up to RM53k off for 2014/2015 cars) and Kia’s ‘K Surprise’ campaign (up to RM16k off plus three years free service for sedans) comes Proton’s promo, which is offering discounts up to RM6,200.

Five Proton models are included, and they are the Saga, Persona, Preve, Suprima S and Iriz. In ascending order, the Saga comes with savings of up to RM2,500, Persona RM3,500, RM5,000 for the Preve and Suprima S siblings and RM6,200 for the Iriz.


Proton says that the above cash rebates can be combined with the company’s Loyalty Rewards, which give additional incentives of up to RM3,000 when existing Proton owners trade in their car for a new Proton.

The national car company didn’t elaborate much other than an example of max rebates (RM6,200 for Iriz + RM3,000 Loyalty Rewards = RM9,200), but this could be a revival of the Loyalty Programme from 2015, where existing Proton owners who traded in their cars received RM100 for each year of their vehicle’s age.

Proton recently moved to increase prices of its cars, citing the forex effect as a reason. Sticker prices went up by RM312 to RM2,024, a jump of up to 4.6%, on February 15. New pricelist below.


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GALLERY: Proton Iriz 1.6L Premium CVT