Approximately 3.5 million road-going motorists in Malaysia do not have valid driving licences, according to a report by Utusan. From that large sum, 70% are motorists in the rural areas. JPJ Deputy Director General (Planning and Operations), Datuk Yusoff Ayob also said that among those who are operating vehicles without a driving licence are students who ride motorcycles to school.

“We see there are students riding motorcycles without a licence. In addition to inviting danger, should an accident occur, they will be unable to make an insurance claim,” he said during the closing ceremony of the One Community One JPJ (SKSJPJ) and Mylesen (Pokok Sena district) at Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Pokok Sena.

The SKSJPJ programme is meant to benefit certain groups like students and senior citizens who do not have a valid driving licence. “A total of 93,461 people, including senior citizens have benefited from the SKSJPJ programme that has been held 234 times nationwide,” he said.

“Through the Mylesen programme, our goal for this year is to gather 80,000 users, particularly for the B2 licence class, and including school students,” he added. The programme is part of an initiative by the Government to get more unlicensed motorcyclists and drivers to obtain valid driving licences.


On a separate matter, Yusoff also advised the public to be wary of certain parties that sell vehicles at rock bottom prices together with “extra services” like direct-to-home delivery to entice buyers, as they may be cloned cars.

In a recent case in Negeri Sembilan, a customer purchased three vehicles (reportedly of Japanese makes) for just RM10,000. It was only revealed that the vehicles were cloned cars after one of the customer’s children was stopped by the authorities.

“How can a person sell three cars at a price of RM10,000, and even provide direct delivery to the customer’s house. I urge car buyers to do proper research and think logically before following through on the transaction,” said Yusoff.

He added that clone car dealers are largely undetectable because they go under the radar as soon as the transaction is completed. “Therefore, I would like to advise the public to be careful when purchasing a car, and not be tricked by the outrageously low prices. Should there be any doubt, you can check with the JPJ,” he said, adding that there are around 2,000 cloned cars nationwide.