Potholes are now required to be repaired within 24 hours in Johor. Concession companies in the state are also required to have a call centre to handle public complaints according to state public works, rural and regional development chairman Datuk Hasni Mohammad, The Star reports.

It was said that a total of RM390 million had been allocated by the Johor government to maintain 1,942 km of state roads in the next three years. “All these concessionaires have 24 hours to patch up potholes,” Hasni said, further suggesting that all concessionaires have mobile teams to check up on roads within their areas.

“Patching up potholes is an important job. So far, one of the concessionaire companies has set up a call centre and the other is in the midst of doing so. Besides potholes, other duties include keeping the signages clean, repairing uneven roads and cutting the grass,” Hasni stated.

He also explained that areas around quarries should be monitored closely, particularly where heavy vehicles tend to move about. “Roads around Pasir Gudang and city areas where there are many heavy vehicles should be monitored,” the chairman noted.

Hasni further stated that the state Public Works department will monitor repair works by the concessionaires. Elsewhere, a “zero pothole” campaign was launched last week by the Johor Mentri Besar to ensure that roads in the state are properly maintained. A similar target has been set for Kuala Lumpur as DBKL will be looking to have zero potholes by 2017.