As you would know by now, Putrajaya and WP Kuala Lumpur will get new number plates starting with ‘F’ and ‘V’ respectively, with Putrajaya first of the blocks – the ‘F 1 to F 9999’ plate series will be open for tender starting from June 1. Plenty of possibilities with these two new alphabets, and the ‘F 1’ plate will be highly coveted, for sure.

One name in the ring for ‘F 1’ is Datuk Seri Hasmiza Othman, more popularly known as Datuk Vida. The beauty products entrepreneur and founder of Vida Beauty told The Sun that she is ready to table a ‘very interesting figure’ when bidding opens next week.

“Coincidently, I am currently vying for a Ferrari and what more can suit the car with an ‘F 1’ number plate,” she the woman who owns a Lamborgini Aventador, Bugatti and several other supercars, according to the daily.

“F1 is my favourite sport. So to have the number plate is something I am longing for because it reflects my personality. I always want to be the first in everything. That’s why I am excited about this,” Vida added.


Asked by the paper how much she will be bidding, Vida replied: “Of course I can’t reveal to you since I don’t want my rivals to know. But I already have my favourite number. Just observe okay.” Should the flamboyant businesswoman fail to land her dream number plate, she will bid for KL’s ‘V 1’ plate.

“In United Kingdom, a Yorkshire businessman turned down an offer of £6 million (RM34.7 million) two years ago to buy the ‘F 1’ registration plate which he purchased at £440,000 (RM2.5 million) as registration number for his Bugatti Veyron in 2008,” said deputy transport minister Datuk Aziz Kaprawi last week. He expects a bidding frenzy for the rights to ‘F 1’.

The highest price ever paid for a regular Malaysian number plate was RM748,000 for ‘W1N’ by Sultan Ibrahim Ismail of Johor, who also paid RM520,000 for ‘WWW 1’ in 2012. The buyer of the special ‘PATRIOT 1’ plate paid a reported RM1,308,000 for the honour. Crazy sums!