Here we go again. It has been discovered by the guys at SupraMKV.com that Toyota has trademarked the ‘Supra’ name in Europe. The trademark was filed with the EU Intellectual Property Office on June 3. This comes after ‘Supra’ was registered with the US Patent and Trademark Office over two years ago.

This latest development could be a hint that a flagship sports car from the world’s largest carmaker is on the way, and the desire to create a ‘new Supra’ is still alive. It could be that Toyota is keeping its options open with regards to the name of the future sports car. Or it could be nothing, for now.

What we know is that Toyota is working together with BMW to develop a sports car, a collaboration that was announced in 2012. BMW’s version of the car is rumoured to be the ‘Z5’, a replacement for today’s Z4. Toyota rolled out the much-praised FT-1 concept at the 2014 Detroit Motor Show.


Industry gossip, shared by Motor1.com, say that production of both sports cars is set to start in 2018 at Magna Steyr’s factory in Graz, Austria, to the tune of 60,000 units per annum. Apparently, both cars will use BMW engines, but there will be a hybrid version powered by Toyota. Spyshots of the ‘Z5’ have shown a soft top, but a coupe is also in the plan, they say. Same platform, unique exterior and interior design.

“Big brother will have amazing performance,” Tetsuya Tada, chief engineer of Toyota’s Sport Vehicle Mangement Division was quoted as saying last year, referring to TMC’s plan to have ‘three brothers’ in its sports car family. The Toyota 86 will be the middle child, the ‘Supra’ the big brother and the cute S-FR Coupe from Tokyo 2015 the little brother.

If the 2018 production start rumour is true, an official reveal of the much-anticipated sports car shouldn’t be too far away. By the way, Toyota registered the ‘S-FR’ name in the US last year, so it might not necessarily be called ‘Supra’. The burden of carrying such an iconic name could be very heavy…

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