As evident by the Mercedes-AMG GT R, the team at Affalterbach certainly has the capacity to make the current crop of AMG cars go even faster, and this could be their latest project. What you’re looking at is likely the Mercedes-AMG C 63 R Coupe – the most track-focused C-Class ever.

Visually, the prototype sports a much larger aerodynamic splitter, a new rear diffuser, along with what appears to be a carbon-fibre boot lid and an oversized rear wing to boot. The car also appears to be ride lower to the ground for a sportier stance, in line with its track ambitions.

Under the hood, the C 63 R will likely receive a series of modifications to its 4.0 litre V8 biturbo engine for more power. The regular C 63 S Coupe currently produces 510 hp and 700 Nm, so a hike to 550 hp and 750 Nm isn’t that far-fetched.

Much like the GT R (again, not the car Nissan makes), the hardcore C 63 will likely undergo a weight-saving programme, and will receive several chassis improvements to make it even more capable in the twisty bits. A rear-wheel steering system as found on the “Beast of the Green Hell” could be featured on the C 63 R.

The BMW M4 GTS will likely be the C 63 R’s target, and we should expect Mercedes to send its latest creation to the Nurburgring to challenge the BMW’s lap time of 7:27.88.