Reports from the previous month stated that EC-approved riding gloves will be mandatory for motorcyclists in France from 2017. This is in an effort to stem hand injuries resulting from motorcycling accidents, where abrasion and impact damage saw riders sustaining what were deemed to be preventable injuries.

“Yes, it will be mandatory from 2017 that all riders in France will have to wear not just the EC-approved helmet, but also the gloves while riding,” said Jean-Marc Autheman, export and racing manager for French riding gear manufacturer Furygan.

Currently all riders sitting for a motorcycle licence test in France are required to wear a helmet, jacket, gloves and shoes – all with EC-standard markings. Autheman said that a concerted effort is being made to have moped and scooter riders – predominantly comprising of younger riders – treat wearing proper gloves while riding as second nature.

It is hoped that this will translate into young riders wearing proper gear as they grow up and migrate to bigger and faster machines. “When I ride my motorcycle, I feel very strange if I am not wearing proper riding gear, especially my gloves,” said Autheman.

“I feel like there is something missing,” he said. “Furygan makes EC-approved gloves from the top-level for racing use, to riders who want a value-for-money glove for street riding,” continued Autheman, “with a range of styles and colours.” Prices for Furygan gloves in Malaysia range from RM250 to RM650.

According to Autheman, what is important is that riders realise riding without gloves may cause injuries that can be life-changing, in the event of a fall. “A small injury to your hands, if you fall, can mean that you cannot work for maybe one or two weeks. This can be a loss of income which could be prevented if proper gloves are worn,” Autheman said.