The first pilot programme for the rolling barriers safety system has begun at the underpass from the Subang Airport Road heading into the Federal Highway. The new guardrail was installed along the 100 m stretch on December 7 this year, and should be a common sight among motorists that frequent the route by now.

The project was first proposed by the Works Ministry back in October this year, with the barriers being supplied by South Korean firm ETI. The barriers consists of a steel tube, between which plastic cylinders are fitted. These act as shock absorbers that spin around its axis, reducing the impact of a collision and ensuring the vehicle remains on the road instead of swerving off it.

According to a report by The Malay Mail, the Works Ministry described the pilot project as a way forward to elevate road safety standards. Works minister, Datuk Seri Fadillah Yusof said the location was chosen as it was identified as a “black spot” due to the number of accidents that occur due to the sharp bend.

“We will monitor the effectiveness of this guardrail for three months and prepare a report. Thus far, there have not been any accidents recorded there since the guardrail was installed,” he said, adding that should the results be positive, the rolling barriers will be installed at other accident-prone areas.

On a related issue, Fadillah was also asked if the ministry had plans to upgrade guardrails from the current TL3 standard to TL6, which were capable of withstanding impact from vehicles weighing above 3.5 tonnes. This comes following the accident in Pagoh, Johor that claimed 14 lives.

“We want to minimise the death toll caused by road accidents. We are willing to try new technologies to bring down the numbers,” he said.