The Proton Prevé is getting a little long in the tooth now, having been launched in 2012. Five years is right around the time that a car is replaced, so Photoshop wizard Theophilus Chin has provided us exclusive renders on how a next-generation Prevé would look, using the new Persona as base.

According to Theo, the idea was to take the design of the Persona and stretch it over traditional three-box C-segment sedan proportions. The result is a fairly successful reworking of the original’s slightly awkward styling, with a lower roofline and an A-pillar moving further backwards, resulting in a longer bonnet. The beltline has also been straightened out to give less of a rear-heavy look.

The car has also been made wider to give elements such as the full-width chrome front bar, large lower grille, teardrop-shaped tail lights and rear diffuser some space to breathe. All-in-all, the car appears to have a more stable and confident look, especially at the rear.

Of course, an actual next-gen Prevé should still be a while away – the current model will likely receive a facelift first, and should be a recipient of Proton’s new direct-injected TGDI and GDI engines announced last year. So, what do you think of Theo’s latest effort?