We all know Koenigsegg makes awesome supercars, but what if the Swedish manufacturer decided to produce super bikes? This question is answered by designer Maksim Burov, from Moscow, Russia, with his renderings of an imaginary superbike that somewhat resembles the Lotus Motorcycles C-01 machine.

As a styling exercise, the Burov design featured in Maxim shows an underseat exhaust as opposed to the side-vented unit on the Lotus C-01, along with twin rear shock absorbers in the traditional manner. Cafe racer styling is strong in Burov’s design, although if – and it is unlikely that it will ever happen – Koenigsegg decided to ever build a motorcycle, it would possibly be something a lot more stylish than this.

What do you think? A shameless rip-off of another maker’s design, or something that should see the light of day? Leave a comment with your thoughts and opinions, below.