Now that (most of) the wraps have come off the upcoming C7-generation Corvette ZR1 range-topper, we can see it has even more aggressive bodykit compared to the contemporary Z06; the car here is seen with a deeper, more thrusting front splitter and a much larger rear wing than which has graced the back of a road-going C7 Corvette before.

Where the C7 Z06 produces 650 hp and 861 Nm of torque from its supercharged, 6.2 litre V8 engine, the upcoming ZR1 is said to use twin-turbocharging for its bent-eight’s forced induction instead, with output rumoured to be in excess of 700 hp.

As is visible from the rear shots of the cars in the image above, the upcoming ZR1 appears to come with two specifications of rear decklid spoiler; the car on the far right uses a tall, imposing rear wing with large end-plates somewhat reminiscent of that on the 991 GT3 RS, while the car pictured in the middle has a lower, relatively more discreet item.

The range-topping ZR1 variant has traditionally signalled the end of a Corvette’s generational lifecycle, and so it would seem with this upcoming ZR1 when it is expected to make its official debut in 2018; rumours suggest that the successor to the current C7 generation of Corvettes will use a mid-engined layout.