In the United States, the Acura NSX (Honda NSX to the rest of us) retails at a starting price of US$156,000 (RM695,370), and that’s before you tag on a variety of options that can make things really pricey.

To make sure each NSX customer is made to feel special, Acura has launched the new NSX Insider Experience, a personalised programme designed for NSX owners to experience the making of their bespoke hybrid supercar.

With the programme, owners get to tour several integral Acura facilities across Ohio, including the Performance Manufacturing Centre (PMC), where they can watch their NSX be built, and can even have the opportunity to place the Acura emblem on their vehicle.

The tour will also include the NSX engine assembly room at the Anna Engine Plant, where each unit 3.5 litre DOHC twin-turbo V6 in the car is machine balanced, bench tested and broken-in to the equivalent of 241.4 km of service. This is to make sure the engine is track-ready upon delivery to the customer.

For those who would like a taste of just what the Sport Hybrid Power Unit in the NSX is capable of, they can opt to participate in a track session with the supercar at the Acura Proving Grounds, guided by professional drivers.

Away from the NSX, guests are also brought on the tour of the famous Honda Heritage Center, which chronicles Honda’s progress in the US, beginning with the 1971 N600 up to the modern-day NSX they have purchased. If that isn’t enough, an Acura NSX concierge will handle all your transportation, restaurant reservations and evening entertainment options.

Acura has also partnered with Le Meridien’s luxury Joseph Hotel in Columbus, the official hotel of the NSX Insider Experience, where NSX owners can enjoy a one-of-a-kind guest experience in a custom NSX room there. However, there is a price to pay to partake in the NSX Insider Experience, with the cheapest package costing about US$2,787 (RM12,423), while the most expensive is a cool US$6,768 (RM30,168).

“NSX Insider Experience takes our clients behind-the-scenes to see the precision craftsmanship that goes into each NSX. This is a memorable and deeply personal journey that we hope will convey the sense of pride and passion we have for the NSX,” said Jon Ikeda, vice president and general manager of Acura.