Joining the party at Geneva is the Fittipaldi EF7 Vision Gran Turismo by Pininfarina, an all-carbon-fibre chassis supercar conjured up by a trio of parties, in this case former F1 world champion Emerson Fittipaldi, Italian design house Pininfarina and race-bred German engineering firm HWA.

A shark-based design theme provides the styling cues for the mid-engine EF7, which measures in at 4,600 mm long, 1,980 mm wide and 1,125 mm tall, with a 2,700 mm-long wheelbase. Engineering elements in the carbon-fibre monocoque include a specially-designed safety capsule for both driver and passenger.

The car, which tips the scales at just 1,000 kg, is powered by a 4.8 litre naturally-aspirated V8 engine offering 600 hp at 8,250 rpm and 510 Nm of twist at 6,000 rpm. The mill is mated to a fully integrated six-speed sequential gearbox, with a two-way mechanical limited-slip differential in attendance.

No performance figures, but other initial specifications revealed about the car at launch include a 48% front / 52% rear weight distribution and a ground clearance of 60 mm.

Customers will have plenty of bespoke customisation options to personalize their EF7, and these include interior and exterior options, multiple wheel choices and personal Pantone colour and racing numbers, along with Emerson Fittipaldi signature branding placement selections.

The car is set to be a limited production offering, and every EF7 owner will have the opportunity to benefit from personal coaching by Fittipaldi and move up a driver-training ladder designed by the racing champion. Owners will also be able to join the Fittipaldi Racing Club which will provide exclusive VIP high-performance driving and racing experiences at some of the world’s premier racing circuits.

Those that can’t get their hands on the real thing can turn to the virtual world, because the EF7 will be available as a Vision Gran Turismo model in the upcoming Sony PlayStation 4 video game, Gran Turismo Sport, and the offering in the game will feature exactly the same characteristics as the real track car.