A couple of years ago, we began to see a spate of videos showing people driving on the wrong side of a major highway – no less than four, in fact. After the last one surfaced last year, in which a Peugeot 208 caused panic on the Grand Saga highway, we thought that this frightful practice had (thankfully) died down. But we were wrong.

Indeed, this inexplicable and incredibly dangerous behaviour reared its ugly head again just last Wednesday. In the video, the driver of the recording car is seen simply minding his own business on the right lane of the highway, travelling at a steady speed. That is, until a Nissan Sentra appears coming in the opposite direction, turning it into a high-speed game of chicken.

The move is made even more dangerous by the fact that the recording driver is already in the middle of overtaking a BMW 3 Series, giving him very little space to move out of the way. Looking closely, we could see that the the offending vehicle has been damaged at the front, indicating that the car had already caused a collision at the time of the recording. Moments later, we see a police motorcycle giving chase.

As with previous incidents, we are absolutely nonplussed as to the circumstances of such behaviour. Did the driver miss an exit, or was it just a silly daredevil move?