Yes, it’s not quite the end of the month yet, but March 30 sees the introduction of weekly fuel price adjustments, with the latest prices lasting until April 5. Fortunately, it’s good news all around, with RON 95 petrol, RON 97 petrol and diesel all seeing price decreases.

As such, starting tomorrow, RON 95 will be priced at RM2.13 per litre (down 17 sen), RON 97 at RM2.41 per litre (down 19 sen), diesel at RM2.11 per litre (down 9 sen) and Euro 5 diesel at RM2.21 per litre (down 9 sen).

This comes after retail fuel prices remained mostly steady in March, with only diesel fuels being five sen more expensive per litre. RON 95 ended 2016 at RM1.90 per litre and climbed 20 sen in January to RM2.10. February brought another 20 sen increase to RM2.30 per litre.