The domestic trade, cooperatives and consumerism ministry (KPDNKK) has confirmed that fuel retailers will not be allowed to offer discounts on fuel for now. In a report by The Star, the ministry’s corporate communications head Akhtar Sahari did say that fuel retailers would be allowed to do so in the future.

“For now, they must follow the retail price set by the ministry. Yes, we will allow them to give discounts but not right now. We are unsure when the new measures will kick in,” said Sahari. He added that the ministry would first need to prepare proper guidelines to ensure the concerns of low-volume fuel retailers are dealt with in light of such a move.

Petrol stations are only allowed to sell fuel at the retail prices set by the government for now, and rumours of a price war among retailers were shut down by the ministry. This comes after screenshots of a smartphone app’s listing of lower fuel prices went viral recently, to which Sahari reminded consumers to be wary of such apps as they could be inaccurate in their listings.

The switch to the new fuel ceiling price mechanism has already happened as of March 29, where fuel prices will be announced on a weekly basis instead of monthly. Fuel retailers will be able to follow the government-set ceiling prices or set them lower but it appears lower will have to wait for now. The ministry had previously stated that retailers looking to offer discounts on fuel prices would be required to submit a formal application before doing so.