Ferrari has introduced the New Power15 extended warranty programme for new and existing customers, providing up to 15 years of coverage for cars from the date they are first registered.

The programme is an extension of the brand’s existing extended warranty coverage that was first introduced in 2014, providing customers with up to 12 years of coverage. With New Power15, customers will have access to a better package for maximum peace of mind.

As standard, every new Ferrari purchased comes with a three-year factory warranty along with a seven-year free maintenance package. Customers have the option of extending the factory warranty by a further two years, and from the vehicle’s sixth to 12th year, they can specify the New Power warranty which provides cover on all major components.

These components include the engine, gearbox, power transfer unit (PTU), suspension and steering. The coverage for the new extension lasts for 12 months and can be renewed annually for three years.

This warranty extension option is available both for new and pre-owned Ferraris, subject to the car passing specific technical checks. The New Power15 extended warranty can also be provided for cars on which the Ferrari extended warranty cover has not been taken up, or on cars with gaps in the cover, making it one of the most flexible and comprehensive packages offered.