Kia has announced prices of the Stinger in Australia ahead of the launch of the Korean sports sedan there in October – and it looks like the car is going Down Under with a serious advantage.

The company only revealed retail prices for models fitted with the most powerful 365 hp/510 Nm 3.3 litre Lambda II twin-turbo V6 at the moment, as it sought to assuage buyers – almost all of whom ordered the larger engine – who plonked a deposit without knowing the price.

As it turns out, prices start at AU$48,990 (RM165,600) for the S, rising to AU$55,990 (RM189,300) for the mid-spec Si and AU$59,990 (RM202,800) for the top-of-the-line GT.

To give you a sense of perspective, the BMW 4 Series Gran Coupé, the Stinger’s closest competitor, asks for nearly AU$10,000 more (RM33,800) more than the GT, at AU$69,900 (RM236,300) for the base 420i – all while having two fewer cylinders, half the horsepower and likely a lot less kit. And it certainly wouldn’t go from zero to 100 km/h in 4.9 seconds.

“It was critical for us to bring this car to as wide an audience as possible … something I believe we have achieved with the pricing we have been able to settle on,” said Kia Motors Australia COO Damien Meredith. “From the outset it was a goal to get a bi-turbo V6 into the market under AU$50,000 (RM169,000). We have done that with room to spare.”

The Stinger will also be available with a 253 hp/353 Nm 2.0 litre Theta turbo four-pot that will likely result in even more competitive prices, which will be announced once they are finalised. All models get an eight-speed automatic transmission, with drive sent to the rear wheels (oh yes).