Land Rover Malaysia recently announced a competition where participants stood a chance to win a Land Rover Experience Tour to South America. The competition will require entrants to partake in a local qualification event, whereby the winner will go on to the regional finals in Laos.

Today, we were given a chance to attempt some of the challenges of the Malaysian qualification event currently being held Car Park 2 at the Waterfront, Desa Parkcity, Kuala Lumpur. The event is part of the Land Rover Experience Tour 2017, and is ongoing from today until September 10.

The first part of the challenge featured two activities – ring fenced and an auto test. Starting with the ring fenced, we were told to drive a Range Rover Evoque into a circled off section, make a multi-point turn, before exiting the same way we entered.

Sounds easy enough, but with each cone touched or knocked over, a time penalty is added to your final time, which is where the scorecard comes into play. Hit more than three cones and you’re disqualified, and if that wasn’t enough pressure, there’s maximum time limit of four minutes to complete this activity.

Next up, is the auto test that sounds, in theory, even easier than the ring fenced activity. All participants needed to do was make a left turn, stop at the end, and reverse all the way back to the starting point.

As we found out, the path narrows as you progress along, requiring the use of the reverse gear to create a better angle. Reversing back to the start is even more of a challenge than moving forwards, and some cones had to suffer as a result.

After both challenges were completed, participants are then paired with an instructor to test drive the Discovery Sport on a variety of mobile terrains – side slope, bumpy course, wading pool and a cross structure.

These obstacles serve to showcase the Discovery Sport’s off-road systems, which include Terrain Response, Gradient Release Control, All-Terrain Progress Control and Hill Descent Control. With an experienced instructor guiding each participant, even the most inexperienced off-road driver is made to feel comfortable through each mobile terrain.

If you aren’t planning on participating in the qualification event, you can still come to watch others attempt to prove they are the crème de la crème. A number of approved, pre-owned Land Rover vehicles will be put on display as well. For those who are gunning to obtain the highest score, and secure a trip to the regional finals, good luck!

To sign up for the Malaysian qualification event of the Land Rover Experience Tour, head on over to Land Rover Malaysia’s official website, where you’ll also find additional information.