Today’s launch of the new Perodua Myvi marks the 12th year of the nameplate’s existence, and in that time more than a million units of the B-segment hatchback have been produced (1.024 million, to be exact), spanning over two generations.

The first Myvi – based on the first-gen M300 Daihatsu Boon – made its debut in May 2005, the drive event for the car being notable in that it was held at the Sepang International Circuit.

2005 first-gen

Intended as a niche model in a sedan-dominated market, the car immediately became a hit with the buying public. Compact on the outside, yet spacious inside, pluses included it being easy to drive ( and park) and economical – prices began from RM41k for the 1.0 litre model, while 1.3 litre versions ranged from RM45k to 51k.

Affordable without looking cheap, adoption was assured, and the Myvi quickly became the best selling model in Malaysia. In 2007, the Myvi SE was introduced. With sportier looks and high-end features, it turned out to be a favourite among fans.

The first-gen facelift arrived in August 2008. The update – which brought about exterior and interior revisions as well as new equipment – resulted in a more classy appearance. Take-up for the car continued unabated, and in total, the first-gen shifted 487,400 units during its life-cycle.

Top row (L-R): 2008 first-gen facelift, 2011 second-gen Standard
Bottom row (L-R): 2011 second-gen Extreme, 2015 second-gen facelift Advance

It was replaced by the second-generation Myvi in June 2011, and the Lagi Best offering – based on the second-gen M600 Daihatsu Boon – came bearing significant upgrades in all aspects, including revisions in powertrains to 1.3 and 1.5 litre units. The 1.5 litre even had its own dedicated Lagi Power, Lagi Best tagline.

The second-gen facelift appeared four years later, and the 2015 update introduced two distinct looks, a comprehensive accessories catalogue and more standard equipment than before. New features included things unique for Malaysian needs, like a handbag lock.

Having evolved and adapted to customer needs over the years, the debut of the third-generation Myvi represents another step forward for the hatchback that could. Completely new inside and out, the new car – which is available in four variants – remains compact, spacious and practical, but most importantly, affordable.

With no shortage of novelty, be it in tech or kit, the new Myvi looks to continue where its predecessor left off – here’s to another million, then.

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