Michelin, together with Maxion Wheels, has introduced an innovative solution to conventional wheel design. The innovation is not in the tyres, but rather the wheel itself.

As detailed in the video above, the flexible alloy wheel is fundamentally comprised of the aluminium wheel, in which both ends are protected by rubber flanges. This is designed to reduce bending and absorb impact more efficiently than conventional wheels.

It’s called the Michelin Acorus technology, and it is completely integrated into the wheel. Before you ask, it’s patented, of course. How does it work? Well, when the car drives over a pothole (or similarly hazardous road surfaces), the rubber flanges deform and act as a cushion to safeguard both the tyre and the aluminium wheel. Simple as that.

In the real world, Michelin says the benefits are remarkable. Its foremost objective is to help the wheel and tyre resist impact better, and the risks of puncture caused by pinching the sidewall are reduced, regardless of the vehicle’s speed.

Also, because the technology helps avoid punctures, drivers will need to change tyres less, which will help save raw materials, the company adds. Drivers in countries with poor road conditions can also use tyres of a larger diameter, which improves the look of their vehicles. The best part is, the wheel is compatible with all tyre brands.

What do you think of this, guys? Would you consider investing in this new set of wheels? Let us know down below.