Lexus Malaysia has given its entire range of ‘200t’ cars new ‘300’ badging, along with the rebranded 2018 NX 300 range previewed yesterday. This move involves the Lexus IS and GS sedans, as well as the five-seater RX and NX SUVs. Instead of IS 200t and GS 200t, the sedans will wear IS 300 and GS 300 badges; ditto the NX 200t and RX 200t, now called NX 300 and RX 300.

Lexus says that “the new designation better reflects the high performance available from the four-cylinder twin-scroll turbocharged 2.0 litre engine.”

The engine in question is the 8AR-FTS that made its debut in the Lexus NX in 2014. The Dual VVT-iW turbo motor helped Lexus keep up with its European premium rivals who were all already on turbo engines, and now it’s matching the likes of BMW and Mercedes-Benz in badging as well.

Those two have long used badges unrelated to engine capacity, as was traditionally the case. While a BMW 530i used to indicate the presence of a 3.0L straight-six under the hood, today’s 530i is powered by a 2.0L turbo, as does a Mercedes-Benz GLC 250, for instance. Power levels and not engine capacity is the name of the badge game here.

The unchanged ‘200t’ engine makes 241 hp/350 Nm in the IS and GS, and 235 hp/350 Nm in the NX and RX. The sedans get an eight-speed automatic while the SUVs come with a six-speed unit.