The Road Transport Department (JPJ) has opened its first enforcement station on the North-South Expressway in collaboration with concessionaire PLUS Malaysia today.

The facility, located at the Dengkil rest stop (southbound) on the North-South Expressway Central Link (ELITE) Highway, is meant to ensure the safety of motorists using the highway. Road users are also able to access JPJ services at the station, such as renewing their driving licences and pay their summonses.

Director-general Datuk Seri Shaharuddin Khalid said that the station will be the nerve centre of enforcement activity within the central zone of Peninsular Malaysia. “We are also planning to open two more stations in the northern and southern zones in the near future, as part of a partnership between JPJ and PLUS,” he said.

The governing body has been working with PLUS since 2016, and has 15 Enforcement Based Stations (EBS) along the North-South Expressway. These EBRs form JPJ’s pitstops during the integrated operations conducted during the country’s festive seasons.

“We believe that with this collaboration, JPJ will help other parties, especially PLUS, by providing assistance and first response in the event of an accident on the highway,” said Shaharuddin. “Based on PLUS statistics for 2017, there have been 566 cases of accidents caused by collisions with objects, as well as 2,252 complaints regarding objects on the highway such as fragments of burst tyres as well as fallen cargo.”

In addition, JPJ has fitted 17 AWAS cameras along the highway, as well as 23 cameras elsewhere. The locations of these cameras, placed at accident hotspots, are made known to road users using three warning signs installed two to three kilometres ahead of the cameras themselves.

“If drivers are still stubborn and refuse to heed the warnings by driving over the speed limit, the cameras will record an image to provide a summons notice. We are not fining drivers as we wish; instead, these cameras are just one of the many initiatives to ensure that motorists stick to the speed limit,” said Shaharuddin.

Meanwhile, PLUS managing director Datuk Azman Ismail said, “PLUS is always looking for ways to raise the level of safety on all our highways. As such, aside from focusing on the engineering aspects of our highways and our highway safety advocacy programmes, we are also looking at law enforcement in collaboration with JPJ and other agencies.

“The move to create a JPJ station at such a strategic location as the Dengkil southbound rest stop is our commitment to provide a safe service for our consumers. In fact, this station enables JPJ personnel to oversee, enforce and advocate the safety of highway users.”