The immigration department is mulling a proposal to deport foreign workers and expatriates who repeatedly flout traffic rules. It is hoped that the move will curb errant driving behaviour and ensure that foreigners who are in the country abide by the country’s laws, The Star reports.

According to immigration department director-general Datuk Seri Mustafar Ali, the department had received a proposal by the road transport department (JPJ) to deport foreigners who continuously commit traffic violations.

Common traffic offences committed by foreigners while in Malaysia include speeding, running the red light, driving without a licence and utilising a vehicle without a valid road tax.

“We were told that there are some foreigners who are repeat and habitual traffic offenders. This needs to be dealt with seriously. We cannot have people come to our country and flout our laws,” he said, adding that the department had the authority to make such a move.

“Before we issue a repatriation order, we will get the JPJ and prosecutors to present their case. If they have a strong reason to ask the Immigration to revoke the person’s visa or permit, then we will,” he explained. He added that while the number of offenders was still low, the matter was nonetheless being viewed seriously.