For many people, a car is seen largely as a means of transportation, something to serve mobility needs and nothing more. For some though, a car represents something deeper and more personal. To these folk, the choice that was made is an extension of the self – there is pride and joy, and in many cases, there is love.

Where Ku Mohd Azrie Ku Azizan is concerned, there’s no question about the sentiment he has for his ride, a Proton Persona that he bought in 2017– it is affinity, and a deep-rooted one at that.

“I have tested and driven so many cars before, but if you were to compare between the price, handling and safety features that’s being offered, nothing can beat a Proton,” he explained.

“I fell in love with the new Persona the first time I saw the model. It was love at first sight. By just looking at the design, it has a modern touch with bold edges around its face making it look forceful and strong,” said the 28-year-old, who hails from Sungai Petani, Kedah.

The English language lecturer at a local community college in Kedah said that his new Persona doesn’t only help him with the daily chores, it has also made him new friends by helping him connect with other Persona owners all across the country.

“Together with a few other founding members, we created PROVOC officially on November 4, 2016. As a Proton car enthusiast, it has always been my dream to gather a group of people who are passionate about their cars. To me, a club functions as a platform to socialise and share ideas and views. Together, we help find or create awareness to solutions on various issues while we adapt to the modern features of the car,” he said.

Azrie, who had his first experience behind the wheel of a Proton in 2010 when he bought a Proton Savvy from a used car dealership, said he was impressed with the progress made by the automaker as was shown through the Persona.

“When it comes to safety, compared to the previous models, Proton has really improved a lot, especially in paying attention to the smallest details to ensure it builds a car that is fun to drive. I really do love Proton as it is makes good ride and handling cars that drivers will appreciate, whilst being safe and affordable. I like that the company has evolved so much in terms of providing good safety features in the cars it builds,” he stated.

Azrie said that he had always recommended or encouraged people to buy Proton cars. “I have recommended Proton models many times to my friends and even my girlfriend, who is my wife now. What I can say is, all of them are satisfied with their cars,” he enthused.

“My wife is currently driving a first batch Proton Iriz model. The car is not just a vehicle for us, but a little more than that. What’s so special about the car? Well, the Iriz has witnessed the most memorable moment of our journey together so far – I proposed to my wife in front of the car,” he explained

“As a Malaysian, I am proud and lucky to drive a car that is designed and built by our own people. I really do enjoy driving a Proton and will continue driving a Proton in the future. I also hope that other people will also enjoy driving their Proton cars,” he added.

Asked which Proton model he would like to drive if given the chance, Azrie said that he would love to get behind the wheel of a Proton Suprima S with a manual gearbox.