With the Tokyo Motorcycle show opening shortly, Taiwanese scooter manufacturer Kymco has released photos of its latest model, the 2018 Kymco Ionex e-scooter. From a Motorcycle News report, Kymco’s Ionex overcomes that traditional barriers against adoption of green vehicles – looks, charge time, range and infrastructure.

While several major manufacturers have released electric motorcycles and scooters (e-bikes), not to mention those that specialise only in electric two-wheelers such as Zero Motorcycles and Energica, take up of e-bikes by the general motorcycling public has been slow. However, Kymco is not deterred, and is planning to release 10 e-bikes with a projected sales volume of 500,000 units, worldwide.

The Ionex comes with two lightweight batteries located under the floorboard, removable for charging with the press of a button. Weighing only 5 kg each, the batteries have several charging options, including in-bike charging, as well as using consumer electricity where the batteries are charged in the house or office.

Other options include the Power Outlet Network, where riders can swap discharged batteries for fully charged units and the Charge Point Network, where a local business will charge your battery for you in an hour or so. Another choice is for the rider to rent extra batteries that can be stored under the Ionex’ seat, extending range to over 200 km between stops.

What sets the Ionex apart is a permanently installed third “core” battery, allowing the rider to continue using the e-bike for a short distance while the two removable batteries are being charged. Kymco has not released any information on pricing, availability, weight, performance or range.