The state of Arizona has called time on Uber’s self-driving car test programme following a fatal crash that took place on March 18 in Tempe. This was confirmed in a letter from Arizona governor Doug Ducey to Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi, via 12 News reporter Bianca Buono.

In the letter, Ducey wrote, “On March 21, 2018, Tempe police released video leading up to the incident. I found the video to be disturbing and alarming, and it raises many questions about the ability of Uber to continue testing in Arizona.”

The video mentioned showed the self-driving XC90 driving on what looks like a dimly-lit road before hitting 49-year-old Elaine Herzberg. Meanwhile, an interior camera captured backup driver 44-year-old Rafael Vasquez’s actions prior to the crash.

“As governor, my top priority is public safety. Improving public safety has always been the emphasis of Arizona’s approach to autonomous vehicle testing, and my expectation is that public safety is also the top priority for all who operate this technology in the state of Arizona,” Ducey noted.

“The incident that took place on March 18 is an unquestionable failure to comply with this expectation. While the incident is currently under investigation by the National Transportation Safety Board and that National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Arizona must take action now,” he continued.

“In the best interests of the people of my state, I have directed the Arizona Department of Transportation to suspend Uber’s ability to test and operate autonomous vehicles on Arizona’s public roadways. Arizona will not tolerate any less than an unequivocal commitment to public safety,” he ended.